Sequence Me (1st Place, Gene Screen BC 2010)

Thank you to everyone who watched our video and gave their support!! We have won the 1st Place prize in this year's Gene Screen BC competition! We've uploaded the higher quality video on YouTube, so check it out below and please leave your comments!

Want to participate in next year's competition? Click here to go the Gene Screen BC website. Good luck =)

Set in the future when sequencing technology is readily available to the public, this short film follows the journey of a young man who decides to sequence his genome after his sister dies of a genetic disorder. We see the complexity of making this decision as he must choose exactly what he wants to find out about his genome, and in how much detail. However, once a genetic profile is compiled, life can become more difficult with this extra burden of knowledge. In this film, our protagonist learns to overcome this hurdle by creating a new friendship and changing his lifestyle to help maintain a longer and happier life.

  1. eric Reply
    I enjoyed the video. It's really comical. I recognize the Blusson hall! :)
    • labtricks Reply
      yup that's right, we filmed at Blusson Hall!
  2. andrea shugar Reply
    I saw your movie at the annual joing CAGC-CCMG meeting in Halifax this week. Kudos to the filmmakers for their knowledge translation efforts to bring the complex issues regarding DTC GWAS to the public! Andrea Shugar, CGC, Genetic Counsellor
    • labtricks Reply
      Thank you! We tried our very best to address these issues in an entertaining way, and we're grateful to Dr. Nelson for sharing our video with all of you at the meeting.
  3. nazish Reply
    nyc..i lyk it..being a biotechnologist its something very futuristic and highly informative for common people...genes are indivisual'z book of information (our own book)carries everythng
  4. N.Sudhakar Reply
    Excellent video! Very informative and entertaining...
  5. praveen Reply
    i like this video its excellent .... that is really helpful for future......

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